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Electric stove burner covers like round and square stainless steel models are become more and more widespread. Sets come in all colors like popular black, white and even red. These stovetop accessories help to make your kitchen and cooking area look clean and inviting when the stove burners aren’t in use.

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electric stove burner coversRound range electric burner covers come in all your favorite materials, colors and designs. Burner covers for electric stove top and ranges are as popular as ever with many households opting for electric stoves like their other kitchen appliances. The favorite wine and vine design is available for electric stovetops just like the traditional gas models. If you live in the country or just want that country feel in your kitchen decor, then a simple rooster or barnyard print may suit you best. If you’re a green thumb or just love flowers, freshen up your cooking area with a floral decorated set of electric burner covers.

Of the many different types of materials available for cooktop electric stove burner covers, the most popular seems to be the modern looking stainless steel sets. These are universal and can really match any kitchen, new and old. If you’re set on a specific color, most of the primary ones are standard like black and white as well as red. Some just want to extra brightness in their kitchens. But for some, it’s all about the print and matching it to the season or occasion. If you love the beach, there’s palm tree and shells in the sand. If you love nature, there’s jungle and outdoors prints. The ceramic and porcelain electric burner covers are really about decoration and is like art for your kitchen.

Most of the electric burner cover sets are round due to the nature of the stovetop design. Of course, if you’re set on square or rectangular ones, you can get those too. Or for those families that need extra countertop space, you can get one-piece range stove burner covers for the whole range. Make sure to measure out the length and width because stoves are all different shapes and sizes. Getting something like this is almost a custom design, but many companies provide varying sizing options with this in mind.

For some brands to start your search, there is Reston Lloyd which makes many different styles and shapes. There is also Pfaltzgraff which produces some beautiful and enamel type burner covers to match their dinnerware sets. Range Kleen, Corelle and Sunbeam are just a few more companies to check out in your search for the perfect electric stovetop covers.

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With this type of kitchen accessory, there are so many choices to meet the needs of different styles of homeowners. This is a great way to hide your dirty stove burners with a cheap price tag on most of the products for sale. Revitalize your kitchen and stovetop with electric stove burner covers in stainless steel or in colors like black and white.