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Stove top burner covers are made for both electric and gas stoves. You’ll find stainless steel, ceramic and even porcelain types for sale. Popular shapes include rectangular, round and square. For space-saving options, there are one piece stovetop burner covers that can really provide additional surface area to put things on when the over range top is not in use.

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stove top burner coversStoves can get dirty quickly. This is especially of the gas and electric burners that do all the heating work. If you live in a household with a big family where a lot of cooking gets done daily, then keeping the kitchen clean is hard work. Sometimes it’s just easier to cover up the mess for the time being in between the cooking. This is where cooktop burner covers for stoves are quite useful. Whether you get one that covers the whole stovetop or you buy sets of 2 or 4, this is an easy way to quickly make a dirty stove look clean for relatively cheap.

If you’re a person that is very picky and choosey, then buying kitchen stove top burner covers is going to be fun because there are so many choices. The main deciding factors will include shape, material and color and style. For those that want a purely decorative option, there are a plethora of designs and prints to choose from. These sets ot rangetop burner covers are like artwork for your kitchen. You can match your dinnerware, kitchen decor color from black to white, or just get something totally unrelated like a sunflower or rooster design.

In terms of shape, most electric burners come as round styles while gas stove sets come as squares. This is because of the size and shape of the burners for the respective types. You can choose to skip these and get rectangular or whole stovetop models. The double or dual covers are less popular than the singular ones, but still are just as good in hiding your range burners. If you need extra room to put food and dishes on after you cook, then getting a single big burner cover can be a great option.

The material is really a personal choice. For more decorative ones, there are ceramic, porcelain and enamel styles of burner covers for stove tops. However, the most popular and cheaper ones are the metal models like tin, stainless steel and even cast iron. Companies like Corelle, Reston Lloyd and others will have a variety of these types in different styles and colors for you to choose from.

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A popular time for stovetop burner covers to be used is during the holidays when family and friends come over. Thanksgiving and Christmas themed covers can be a nice touch to make your home and kitchen more warm and inviting. But, everyday use is just as good. Whether you want burner covers for decoration or for useful purposes, every household should have a set of stove top burner covers.